Michael Cole

Michael Cole

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Michael Cole, a Southeast Texas educator, is committed to improving and sustaining education, infrastructure, and the economy in District 14.

Michael moved to the region from Indiana with his family in 1981. He graduated from West Orange-Stark high school in 1994.

Michael pursued a career in education, teaching civics at the alternative campus in Little Cypress, Texas. He is currently pursuing his Master's degree in history.

Using his experience as a former minimum wage employee, as an educator with one-on-one interaction with Southeast Texas youth  and as a scholar of policy, Michael Cole wishes to carry the voices of District 14 to Capitol Hill.

“I am not running for congress,” Michael says. “We are running for Congress.”

Michael's grassroots campaign is working to ensure the concerns of his constituents are addressed as he makes his bid for the District 14 seat. Please peruse this Website for upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and donation information.  

Michael Cole

Democrat    14th DIstrict

​"We are going

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